How to Get Blessed Gems In Anime Story

Anime Story is a Roblox game that has numerous abilities, weapons and items to obtain. There are plenty of items in Anime Story but what people want the most is Blessed Gems.

Since Blessed Gems spawns randomly throughout the map, a lot of people are currently searching for its location in Anime Story. To know /where Blessed Gems are and how to collect them, you need to keep on reading this guide.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Obtaining Blessed Gems in Anime Story

To obtain or get Blessed Gems in Anime Story, you will have to find Blessed Gems Node first. Once found, you will need to approach the node and interact with it to start the mining process.

The best thing about mining Blessed Gems is they don’t need you to have a special equipment. The reason why people are having trouble finding Blessed Gems’ locations is they spawn in the Mineral Cave.

If you wish to get the Blessed Gems in Anime Story, make sure to keep a close eye on Illuminate Ores. If you are having trouble finding Blessed Gems in Anime Story, playing this game on a private server is highly recommended.

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Once you have obtained Blessed Gems, you can use them to craft the following items and sell for 100 Gems:

  • Thor’s Might – 1x Divine Gem, 1x Thunder Gem, 1x Blessed Gem, 5x Iron, 5x Diamond, 5x Black Steel
  • Celestial Blade – 1x Blessed Gem
  • Godslayer’s Bane – 5x Divine Gem, 5x Blessed Gem

To craft items in Anime Story, you simply need to visit the Blacksmith, which can be found at the Adventurer’s Settlement area. If you want to sell Blessed Gems in Anime Story then you need to find an NPC near the Police Station during the random events. Once you find the NPC, interact with the NPC to sell your Blessed Gems.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Blessed Gems in Anime Story.

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