Tower Of Fantasy Robarg – How to Find & Beat?

Tower of Fantasy was one of the much-awaited Mobile games of 2022. Similar to other RPGs, Tower of Fantasy has plenty of enemies and bosses to find and defeat. One of them in Robarg.

It has been more than a month since Tower of Fantasy was launched but there are tons of players who still don’t know where to find Robarg in the game. If you too are one of them then don’t look further as we have got you covered.

This post will not only show you the Robarg’s location in the Tower of Fantasy but also explain to you the easiest way to defeat this dangerous foe in the game.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Tower of Fantasy Robarg Location 

As mentioned above, Tower of Fantasy does have plenty of world bosses scattered throughout the map. As your level increases in the game, you will come across a boss named Robarg, which gives immense rewards when defeated.

Before I show you Robarg’s location in Tower of Fantasy, let me tell you that Robarg is one of the weakest world bosses that you will encounter in the game. If you are new to this game, you may have to struggle to find and beat Robarg.

To find Robarg in Tower of Fantasy, you will need to go to the Tomb of Thorns, which can be found in the Astra region of Aesperia. To get to the location, open up the map and head to the South from the Crimson Pillars.

Once you get to the location, you can easily find Robarg’s location because the area has a large crater in the ground with a mysterious-looking Red boss at the bottom. Once you have found Robarg in ToF, I advise you to use Fire attack because this world boss is weak to Fire damage.

Once you have successfully defeated the Robarg in ToF, you will be able to get access to an Advanced Password chest. Upon opening the chest, you will get unique and rare weapons that can be used throughout the game.

If you have just started playing Tower of Fantasy, I advise you to find world bosses and defeat them because there is nothing that can upgrade your character as fast as defeating bosses in the game.

That’s everything you need to know about how to find and defeat Robarg in Tower of Fantasy.

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