Splatoon 3: How To Play Turf War?

The much-awaited third-person shooter video game, Splatoon 3 has finally launched for the Nintendo Switch. Similar to its previous game, the latest version does have competitive online multiplayer (PvP and PvE) and a single-player story mode.

There are numerous things to enjoy in Splatoon 3 but what people want to experience the most is its Turf War. Since the game has already been released, a lot of people are currently searching for ways to play Turf War in Splatoon 3 and if that’s you then look no further as we have got you covered.

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Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Playing Turf War in Splatoon 3

As mentioned above, Splatoon 3 has multiple modes to experience but people are more excited about Turf Wars. For the uninformed, Turf Wars in Splatoon 3 is a 3-minute 4v4 battle where two teams have to compete in painting.

Notably, Turf War can only be played in Splatoon 3 multiplayer modes like Regular Battles Private Battles and Splatfest Battles. To play Turn Wars in Splatoon 3, you need to ink or spread the colour throughout the map.

While playing matches in Turf War, your object should be inking as many parts of the map as you can in a very short period of time. While inking maps in Splatoon 3, make sure your team get around the arena in no time.

Once you have inked a specific part of the map, your team’s members can move quickly through the area by running, jumping and swimming. While heading to Arena, if your team members fall into the enemy’s territory, they will be dead.

While inking parts in Turf War, I advise you to focus on the floor because inking walls would not help win matches in the game.

If you still have questions related to Splatoon Turn War, I advise you to watch the following YouTube video.

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