How To Get Roblox Red Lip Face

If you want to get Red Lip Face in Roblox then don’t look further as we have got you covered.

Roblox often organises events providing an opportunity to its millions of users to get free items and accessories.

Roblox has recently organized an event allowing users to get Red Lip face through the Tate McRae Concert Experience.

Red Lips Face is currently available at the Roblox Tate McRae event and you can get it easily by following the steps written in this guide.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Getting Red Lip Face in Roblox

To get Red Lip face in Roblox, open Roblox’s official website and search for Tate Mcare Concert Experience. When you do so, you will see a game titled ‘Tate McRae Concert Experience’ appearing on your screen.

Once you are on the page, join the game and head to the store that has four sides like Zebra crossing. Once you have navigated the said store, approach each side and press the E button to see which side contains Red Lip Face.

When you open a side by pressing E, you will see different types of eyelashes and different lipstick colours and there is one panel or side where you will get the Red Lip Face. You have to try each side until you finally get the Red Lip Face.

Once you have finally obtained the Red Lip Face in Roblox, head back to the official website or Roblox and click on the ‘Avatar Shop’. There, you will see all items that you have purchased as of now.

After finding Red Lip Face, click on it and use it as your avatar.

If you still have questions related to Red Lip Face, I advise you to watch the following YouTube video.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Red Lip Face in Roblox.

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