All Roblox Doors Monsters & How To Beat Them

If there is any Horror Roblox game that everyone is currently talking about, it is Roblox Doors. If you love playing horror games on Roblox, you are going to love Doors. Since this game has plenty of Monsters, players are having a hard time defeating or beating them.

If you are here to know how to beat monsters in Roblox Doors then look no further as we have got you covered.

This post will not only reveal a list of all monsters available in Roblox Doors but also teach you the simplest way to beat and survive them.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Roblox Doors: Every Monster and How to Beat Them


There are numerous Monsters in Roblox Doors but what you encounter in the beginning is Rush. When he spawns, lights in the Hotel room flicker and you will hear a weird sound. When you notice these things, hide from Rush.

If you could not hide before Rush comes to your side, you will die for sure. As soon as Rush passes by, the lights in the Hotel room will be broken.


Before I explain how to survive Ambush in Doors, let me tell you that Ambush and Rush don’t spawn at the same place. They might spawn at different locations but you will notice the same things when they set to spawn.

Similar to Rush, you will hear the distorted noise and light flicker when Ambush spawns in the game.

To survive Ambush in Roblox Doors, I advise you to hide in a closet when he appears and step out of the hidden place when he disappears.

Unlike Rush, Ambush can run through the Hotel’s rooms six times. So, you will have to hide in a closet when he spawns and step out when he disappears. You need to repeat the same process until he is gone forever.


Unlike Rush and Ambush, you can’t survive Hide by simply hiding in a closet or under the bed.

Yes, you read that right!

If you hide for a longer period of time in Doors, your screen automatically turns Red and shows a message that says ‘Get Out‘.

Despite seeing the message, If you don’t step out, you will automatically be kicked out of your hidden location. The worst thing about this is it decreases your health by 40 per cent and you would not be able to hide again.


Like Rush and Ambush, you will hear a distorted voice and witness light flicker when Halt spawns in Roblox Doors.

The only difference here is Halt takes time to spawn after noticing these signs. Instead of appearing from the front door, Halt spawns at the next numbered doors that you open in Doors.

When you open that door, you will be entered into a dark hallway. There, you will only see the illuminating eyes of Halt.

The only way to survive or beat Halt in Roblox Doors is to run down the dark hallway and exit the door located at the end.

Once you reach the down of the hallway, make sure to keep a close eye on the flashing words, Turn Around.

When you Turn on the screen, turn your camera immediately and start walking in the opposite direction.

To survive Halt, you will have to repeat this process again and again. If you are contacted by Halt, you will take 60 Damage, which is too much.


While running and opening rooms in The Hotel, you will come across a purple glow, which is called Eyes in Roblox Doors.

After a while, a 36-eyed entity will appear on the screen from the glow and when it appears, you will take 10 damage.

To survive Eyes in Roblox Doors, you simply need to get out of that area while looking at the ceiling, walls and floor.


While passing through the numbered door, you need to find Screech. When Screech spawns in Roblox Doors, you will hear a voice ‘pst’.

Whenever you hear this voice, make sure to turn your camera behind as quickly as possible to look at Screech.

When you do so, Screech will scream very loud and jump at you. If you fail to look at Screech at the right time, you will take 40 Damage.

In order to prevent yourself from being attacked by Screech, I advise you to always have a light source, lighter and flash.

Having any of these items reduces the chance of Screech attacking in Roblox Doors.


Unlike other Roblox Doors monsters, the chance of encountering Jack is very low. According to my friend who is currently playing Doors, Jack appears in closets or behind numbered doors.

When Jack appears, it does not cause any damage to players. Once he disappears, you will be able to enter the room where Jack spawned.


Similar to Jack, Timothy does not cause damage to players when spawned in Roblox Doors. Timothy appears when you open a drawer. Notably, the chance of encountering Roblox Doors is 1/200.

When spawned, it will take 5HP and then disappear.


Before I explain how to survive Glitch in Roblox Doors, let me tell you that you would encounter it if you are playing alone.

Yes, Glitch only appears in a multiplayer server. After spawning in the game, it only attacks players who keep themselves from the group and take 10 to 40 HP. The only way to survive Glitch is always close to your team members.


Seek is of two monsters in Roblox Doors that you will encounter twice. The first time, you will encounter it between Doors 30 and Doors 45 and the second time you encounter it between Doors 80 to 95.

When Seek is set to spawn in Roblox Doors, you will see unsetting eyeballs on the walls. Once spawned, Seek will follow you through the dark hallway and numerous doors.

While running from Seek, make sure to keep a close eye on White Sparkles to survive yourself Seek.

Eventually, walking through a numbered door within the ranges mentioned above will cause Seek to manifest from a pile of slime on the floor. After a brief cut scene, Seek will begin chasing players down a long hallway and through multiple doors. As you run, keep an eye out for white sparkles—these will direct you along the correct path.


Figure is one of the hardest monsters to survive in Roblox Doors. For the uninformed, Figure is a blind creature that has incredible hearing ability to detect nearby players.

To survive Figure in Roblox Doors, crouching and running slowly is highly recommended. Similar to Seek, you will encounter Figure twice in this Roblox game.

The first time you will encounter the Figure is in room 50 and then in room 100. If you are attacked by Figure, you will be dead.

That’s all Monsters available in Roblox Doors and how to survive them.

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