All Project Slayers Codes (July 2024) – 100% Working

If you are looking for Project Slayers codes then you are in the right place as we will keep you updated with the latest and working codes. It is one of the most talked about Roblox games right now.

When the game was officially launched in July this year, It had more than 120K, active users. In Project Slayers, you are asked to select either Human or a Demon as your character. Notably, you can’t become a Demon unless or until your reach Level 15.

If you have just started playing this game and want to level up, complete as many quests as you can. This is the fastest way to earn Yen and level up in Roblox Project Slayers. To level up in Project Slayers, you need to have a powerful clan, which can be obtained using Spins.

Since the game does not give you a lot of spins to get your desired clan in Project Slayers, we have come up with a list of codes that can get you hundreds of Clan Spins. To know what these codes are and how to redeem them, keep reading this post.

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Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Latest And Working Project Slayers Codes 2024

As mentioned above, we test and verify each and every code that we update here and we did the same with Project Slayers codes.

When we checked the following codes, they were 100% working and active at the time of writing this post.

However, if you find any of these codes are invalid or expired, do let us know so we can remove those codes from the list.

Here are all the latest and valid codes to redeem in Project Slayers:

  • There are no active codes now!

Unlike other websites, we don’t post invalid or expired codes here. All codes that we have mentioned above are active and we will update more codes when they are out.

Expired Project Slayers Codes

  • NewYear2024Breathing—Redeem this code and get Breathing reset (New!)
  • NewYear2024Race—Redeem this code and get Breathing reset (New!)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some basic questions that  Project Slayers players search on the internet and their possible answers:

How To Redeem Codes In Project Slayers?

Redeeming codes in this game is very easy. However, if you don’t know how it is done then follow the steps given below.

  • First, launch the game on your PC or Mobile.
  • Press the “M” button to open up the Menu.
  • Once opened, click on the “Book” icon.
  • Copy a working code from our list and paste it in the “Enter Code” option.
  • Once entered, hit the “Redeem” button to claim your rewards.
  • That’s it.

How To Redeem In Mobile?

To redeem Project Slayers codes on Mobile, you will have to tap on the screen and hold it for a moment. When you do so, the menu will appear on the screen.

Now, tap on the “Book” icon enter a code from our list into the “Enter Code” option, and hit the “Redeem” button.

Where To Find More Codes?

To find more codes for Project Slayers you need to follow developers on social media platforms like Discord, Twitter, and others. When you follow the devs on Discord, you will get notified when they drop new codes for this game.

If you don’t want to check their social posts daily then pin or bookmark this page as we will continue to update new codes when they are released by the developers.

How To Climb A Wall In Project Slayers?

Similar to Grand Piece Online, Project Slayers does have multiple walls that players need to climb to complete quests. To climb a wall in Project Slayers, you just go near a wall and press Ctrl+W.

But you have limited stamina to climb, so be careful of the height of the wall you want to climb.

To climb a wall in Project Slayers Mobile, you will have to go near a wall and double-press on the Mobile screen.

How To Do Air Combo In Project Slayers?

To do an air combo in Project Slayer while fighting, you will need to press “5” to get into the Combat mode and then press “LRLRL“.

In Project Slayers air combo is a very important fighting move that helps you to defeat your enemy and is also necessary to complete the beginner tutorial.

How To Get Katana In Project Slayers?

Getting Katana in Project Slayers is very easy. If you are new to project slayers then you can get Golden and Green Katana in the starter village (Kiribating Village) from Jeph’s shop. You have to pay 500 Wen for a Green Katana and 1069 Wen for a Golden Katana.

How rare is Muzan in Project Slayers?

Muzan has a 100% chance to spawn in the night all around the map. But he is not spawn at one particular place you have to find him many places where he mostly spawns.

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