Overwatch 2 Tier List (2023)

The much-awaited first-person shooter video game, Overwatch 2 has finally launched globally.

When a game like Overwatch 2 is released, there are plenty of things that people search for about the game.

One of them is the character or heroes tier list.

Since the game has just launched, many people are searching for the best heroes or characters to select in Overwatch 2.

If you have just started playing Overwatch 2, select the best heroes because they play crucial roles in games like Overwatch 2.

Irrespective of whether you select new or old heroes, you will see a lot of changes in Overwatch 2 characters’ abilities and kit.

There are numerous characters in Overwatch 2 but each has a different ability and skill. To make your work easier, we have created Overwatch 2-tier list ranking all heroes available in the game into five tiers with S being the best to D being the worst character.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Overwatch 2 Character Tier List – 2023

Before I rank all Overwatch 2 characters, let me tell you that our tier list is based on information available on the internet.

Since we have not completed the game yet, chances are high that you might find it not useful and wrong.

S Tier

All characters mentioned in S Tier are the best and most powerful Overwatch 2 characters. There might be numerous characters in this game but none of them is as powerful as S-tier characters.

  • Winston
  • Genji
  • Doomfist
  • Soldier 76
  • Lúcio
  • Ana

A Tier

If you could not get a character mentioned in S Tier, I advise you to select from this Tier. All Overwatch 2 characters mentioned in this tier are not as powerful as S-tier characters but they can be used as their alternatives.

  • Reinhardt
  • D.VA
  • Sombra
  • Tracer
  • Widowmaker
  • Brigitte
  • Mercy
  • Zenyatta
  • Junker Queen

B Tier

All Overwatch 2 characters mentioned in B Tier are good and can help you defeat your opponents. Before you select any character from this Tier, let me tell you that they are not as good as the A and S Tier but they are slightly better than C Tier characters.

  • Orisa
  • Sigma
  • Wrecking Ball
  • Zarya
  • Ashe
  • Cassidy
  • Echo
  • Hanzo
  • Mei
  • Pharah
  • Reaper
  • Sojourn
  • Baptiste
  • Moira

C Tier

If average characters available in Overwatch 2 are mentioned in C Tier. If you are looking for the best Overwatch 2 heroes, I would not recommend you a single character from this tier.

  • Roadhog
  • Bastion
  • Junkrat

D Tier

As mentioned above, all worst characters available in Overwatch 2 are kept in D Tier. Notably, these characters are not worth your time so it would be better if you avoid choosing any character from this Tier.

  • Torbjörn
  • Symmetra

That’s everything you need to know about Overwatch 2 Tier List.

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