Infinity Sea 2 Fruits Tier List (December 2023)

Infinity Sea 2 is the latest Roblox game that has taken the world of gaming on fire. Since the game has gained enough recognition among the Roblox community, players are searching for a lot of things about this game.

The things that people are searching a lot about Infinity Sea 2 are its codes and fruit tier list. If you have just started playing this game on Roblox, I advise you to redeem Infinity Sea 2 codes to earn free rewards.

There are numerous things that can be used to earn free rewards but none of them is easier than redeeming codes in Infinity Sea 2. Since we have already provided a list of codes, here will only talk about fruits available in Infinity Sea 2.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Infinity Sea 2 Fruits Tier List

If you want to become a greater swordsman or powerful fruit user, you must select the best fruits in Infinity Sea 2. Since the game has just become popular, a lot of people are having a hard time selecting the best fruits in the game.

To make your work easier, we have created an Infinity Sea 2 tier list wherein we have ranked all fruits available in the game into five tiers with S being the most powerful fruit to D being the weakest fruit in the game.

Here are all Infinity Sea 2 fruits and their rankings:

S Tier 

  • Suke

A Tier 

  • Toge

B Tier 

  • Moku
  • Bomu

C Tier 

  • Pika
  • Magu

D Tier 

  • Guru
  • Bane

That’s everything you need to know about the Infinity Sea 2 fruit tier list.

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