How To Get The Glitch Badge In Roblox Doors But Bad

Roblox Doors But Bad is a remake of Roblox Doors, which is a very famous survival and jumpscare game. Doors But Bad is similar to Doors but it is a bit easy to play as compared to Roblox Doors.

Roblox Doors But Bad is developed by Roblox Doors developer @ImVeryHungry99999999. Similar to its predecessors, the latest offering has plenty of badges to obtain. There are numerous badges in Doors But Bad but the one that people want the most is the Glitch Badge.

Since the process of obtaining badges in Doors But Bad is a bit difficult, a lot of players are having a hard time getting the Glitch badge. To make your work easier, we have embedded a YouTube video showcasing the easiest way to obtain a Glitch Badge in Doors But Bad.

Once you are done watching the following Youtube video, you will be able to get the Glitch Badge in Roblox Doors But Bad.

To get the Glitch badge or other badges in Roblox Doors But Bad, you will have to unlock the Library door. For the unversed, the Library door can’t be unlocked without using a secret code.

To know what secret codes are and how to use them in Roblox Doors But Bad, click on this link. When you click on it, you will be taken to our guide where we have mentioned all door codes that you will need in Doors But Bad.

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