How to Get Awakening Dough In Blox Fruits (2024)

The much-awaited Blox Fruits update has just arrived with a brand new Island, Fruits, Fighting Styles and other in-game items.

Ever since Blox Fruits Update 17 Part 3 was made available to players, a lot of people are searching for numerous things about the game. One of them is AWakened Dough.

While you are here, you must be looking for a guide explaining how and where to find Awakened Dough in Blox Fruits.

If that’s true then do not look further as we have got you covered.

Getting Awakened Dough in Blox Fruits

The process of getting Awakening Dough in Blox Fruits is a bit lengthy. However, if you follow the steps written below, you will get it in a few minutes.

To get Awakening Dough in Blox Fruits, head to the newly added Chocolate Island. Once you have reached the brand new Island, you will have to head towards the dock and fight with NPCs.

When you defeat those NPCs, they will drop items that can be found at the bottom of your inventory. The item you need to get Awakening Dough are Conjured Cocoa and Chocos. You need to have dozens of Conjured Cocoa and Chocos in God’s Chalice.

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Once you have obtained these two items, talk to an NPC shown in the below YouTube video. Once you are done talking to the NPC, head to the main Island from the last Update 17 Part 2.

Once you get there, talk to an NPC named drip_mama. After talking to the guy, you will have to summon the Prince. When you do so, the Awakened version of him will also be summoned. When you defeat him, you will get a Red Key.

Once you have got the Red Key in Blox Fruits, head up the back to the Little Castle shown in the video. When you get there, you will find a Door, which can be opened using the Red Key.

Once you have unlocked the door, talk to an NPC named Cake Scientist and buy the Dough in Blox Fruits.

To see how Awakening Dough actually works and where to find it, click on the following YouTube video.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Awakening Dough in Blox Fruits.

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