Splatoon 3 Tricolor Turf War Not Working Fix (2023)

Splatoon 3 is the latest third-person shooter video game developed by Nintendo Switch. Similar to its predecessors, the latest offering does have multiple modes to choose from —Turf War, Rainmaker, Splat Zones, Clam Blitz and Tower Control.

There are multiple modes to enjoy in Splatoon 3 but what people are loving the most is Tricolor Turf War. Unfortunately, a lot of Splatoon 3 players are currently having a hard time playing in Tricolor Turf War mode.

Are you having the same issue? If your answer is yes then don’t worry there are tons of players for which Splatoon 3 Tricolor Turf War is not working. To know what causes this frustrating error and how to fix it, you will have to keep reading this post.

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Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Splatoon 3 Tricolor Turf War Not Working Fix

A lot of Splatoon 3 players took to social media and complained that they are unable to play in Tricolor Turf War despite making all possible efforts. According to players’ complaints, they are put in a queue for more than a minute and then shown a communication error.

After showing communication errors, players are forced to play Splatoon 3 in a regular Turf War. Since the devs of the game have not reacted to Tricolor Turf War not working error yet, a lot of people are struggling to find possible solutions.

For the unversed, Nintendo had earlier announced that the chance of playing Splatoon 3 Tricolor Turf War has been decreased due to negative reception from the Testfire. According to a Reddit user, they currently are working on a revamp that is scheduled to be released in December 2022.

Unfortunately, we could not find a solution that could help you fix the Splatoon 3 Tricolor Turf War not working error. If you are encountering a communication error in Splatoon 3 and are looking for possible solutions, click on the link.

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