How to Get Frost Gems In Anime Story

The newly launched Roblox game Anime Story has multiple gems to obtain. One of them is Frost. In our previous guides, we have already explained how to get blessed gems and cursed gems in Anime Story.

If you have already obtained cursed gems and blessed gems and are looking for ways to obtain frost gems in Anime Story then look no further as we have got you covered. Before I explain the procedure, let me tell you that we have a full list of Anime Story codes that you can redeem and get a lot of rewards for free.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Obtaining Frost Gems in Anime Story

Unlike other gems, the process of getting Frost gems in Anime Story is a bit complicated. Like other gems, you will need Frost gems to craft weapons and other valuable items in this game.

To obtain Frost gems, you will need to head over to an area where you can mine Magic Ore. Since finding Magic Ore in Anime Story is a tedious task, let me tell you that it can only be found at places where you see Ore spawner.

Once you have successfully mined Magic Ore, chances are high that you will get Magic Gems. Once you have got Magic Gems, you will have to use them. Upon using them, you will get a random Gem such as Frost and others.

Once you have got the frost gems in Anime Story, you can use them to craft items and other necessary items.

That’s the only method to get frost gems in Anime Story.

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