About Us

Op Game Guides is a website created by Gamers for Gamers across the world. There are millions of people who play games on Mobile, PC and Consoles every day but they don’t have a trusted place where they get authentic and useful guides about their favourite games.

Unlike other gaming sites, Op Game Guides does not claim to cover all kinds of games but we truly believe that no one can cover Roblox and Mobile games like us. Irrespective of what game you play on Mobile or Roblox, our website has got you covered.

Since our content team consists of a bunch of Roblox players, we know what Roblox players actually want. From promo codes, tier lists, and game guides to Trello links, we try our best to cover everything about your favourite Roblox game.

Why The Name Op Game Guides?

Since we have a bunch of experienced writers, we believe that we will soon outperform other gaming sites. Apart from having an experienced content writer, our information or tips and tricks will surely help you become an OP Gamer.

Irrespective of whether we are a new or pro player, sometimes we need to search for a specific query on Google and YouTube to find a solution. Since we are active on both platforms, you would not need to visit any other site than Opgameguides.com.

Everybody wants to outperform other players in their favourite game but what they lack is a piece of information and that’s the reason why we have created Opgameguides.com to fill in the gap.

Who Is The Founder Of Op Game Guides?

The founder and owner of OpGameGuides.com is Omair Iqbal. 

Prior to launching Opgameguides.com, Omair Iqbal used to work as an SEO Manager at Gamertweak.com, and Gamesadda.in. “Everything has to come to an end, sometimes,” these were the words of my friend (Saud Ahmed) when I decided to create my own website.

It has been more than six months since I left these two websites but I still feel like to be a part of their success because the founder of these sites are very close to my heart. If they are reading this then I want to tell them that I would never be your competitor.

Since I have developed an extreme interest in Gaming and Technology because of you (Vignesh Rao), now I don’t find any niche as interesting as Gaming. I don’t think I would be as successful as you guys are (Vignesh Rao, Ugrasen Yadav and Raj Srivastava) but I am pretty happy with my life and the success I have achieved so far.

You can follow Omair Iqbal on social media platforms:

Saud Ahmed – Founder & Content Strategist

Saud Ahmed is the founder and content strategist of Opgameguides.com. Prior to starting his journey as a content head on Op Game Guides, Saud Ahmed and Omair Iqbal used to run a YouTube channel, Gamers Hub.

It has been only a couple of years since he started his Digital journey but he has already achieved milestones that people can’t in their entire career. His ability to write comprehensive, easy-to-understand video game guides that are still search-engine friendly has made our website quick to take off.

When he’s not writing content on Opgameguides.com, he enjoys spending time with his friends, and family members and watching movies, and binge-watching TV shows  Vikings, Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones.

If you want to connect with Saud Ahmed, you can contact him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Editorial Guidelines

As mentioned above, every piece of content I and my team publish on opgameguides.com is based on in-depth research and experience.

To provide authentic and quality content to my readers, I not only research topics on Google or Bing but also on platforms like social media, forums, and others.

Unlike other websites, I keep updating posts that have already been published on Opgameguides.com to maintain their freshness and to ensure that they are not outdated.

While reading content on isit-legit.com, if you found any piece of content that needs to be improved or has inaccurate information or grammatical mistakes, feel free to reach out to us at opgameguides@gmail.com.